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Monday, May 12, 2014

My Readers Change The World! ObamaCare COBRA Gap Fixed

I wrote a few weeks ago about The Little-Known ObamaCare COBRA Catch-22. I thought this issue was so important that I asked AOL Jobs readers for help. I asked you to sign a petition I started to alert the President to this issue. I asked you to tell the President to close the gap. And you came through.

Not only did you sign the petition, but some of you took action to help. Members of the National Employment Lawyers association contacted the Department of Labor to ask for a fix. Forbes found out about this issue and wrote a piece about it. And it worked.

Read my article at AOL Jobs to find out how you can switch from COBRA to ACA until July 1 and how COBRA notices are changing. Thanks so much to everyone who helped with this important change.

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