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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

If My Office Is Closed For Snow, Do I Get Paid?

With a blizzard hitting the Northeast and Midwest, now is a good time to discuss what happens to your pay when your office is closed.

Whether you're entitled to be paid when the office is closed depends on whether you are "exempt" salaried or not. If you're salaried, it doesn't necessarily mean you're exempt from the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Many employers misclassify employees to avoid paying overtime. In the case of weather and emergency closings, it's probably better to be exempt.

If you're stuck in the snow, find out what your rights are by reading my article on AOL Jobs here.

We're having a cold snap here in South Florida too. It got down into the high 40s last night and is supposed to be in the 60s all day today. The schools had to robo-call all the parents to tell us to bundle the kiddies up warm. Can't wait to see the boots, sweaters and coats all day. Florida winter. :)

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