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Monday, January 6, 2014

Still No Free Speech At Work: Response To Your Comments on Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty

Wow! I had no idea so many of my readers loved Duck Dynasty. With almost 2000 comments, I can't possibly respond to them all. When I wrote last week that A&E was probably within its rights to suspend Phil Robertson for making racist (yes, it's racist to say blacks were better off under Jim Crow) and homophobic comments (and I didn't even know then about the sexist and disturbing comments he made about marrying 15-year-old girls), you had lots to say. Some of you talked about religious discrimination. Some wanted to know more about his contract with A&E. I'll talk about those issues in another article.

First I wanted to respond to the fact that even more of you still don't believe that the 1st Amendment doesn't protect you at work.

No First Amendment Protection For Employees? What A Dingbat!

Many of you chastised me for even suggesting such a thing:
  • ihave1465fans The dingbat writer of this article diesn't seem to know that Rights in America belong to individuals, not to selected collectives. She is part of a major problem in the country where people seem all too eager to throw their rights away !
For more on the reader comments (I included some of the highlights) and my response, read my article at AOL Jobs.

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