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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Third Florida Court Strikes Gay Marriage Ban (But No Licenses Being Issued Yet)

Broward County Circuit Judge Dale Cohen ruled Monday that the silly Florida constitutional amendment saying Florida won't recognize gay marriages done in other states is unconstitutional. No surprise there. In this new case, Judge Cohen couldn't grant a divorce without first acknowledging there was a marriage. The amendment would force gay couples who move to Florida to be trapped in marriages. Can you say Full Faith and Credit?

The ruling was stayed, just like the ones in Key West and Dade. In the meantime, folks on both sides of the issue are pushing for the Florida Supreme Court to weigh in on the issue.

I'm still waiting for some brave clerk of court to start issuing licenses, but none have yet. I think it's their duty as officers who obey the constitution to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. If couples do apply and are turned away, they may have some nice legal claims since the clerks are on notice that failure to issue is a constitutional violation. Stay tuned.

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