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Friday, December 20, 2013

Is My Noncompete Enforceable If I'm Fired Without Cause? Don't assume your non-competition obligations end when you're fired


When I wrote an article on How Do I Get Out Of My Noncompete Agreement?, I found out that AOL Jobs readers have lots of questions about noncompetes, and I don't blame you. I get people in my law practice asking me questions on non-competition agreements every week. That's because most people don't even realize they've signed something saying they can't work for a competitor for a year or two after they left, or they thought (wrongly) that a non-competition provision couldn't be enforced. I'm going to answer some reader questions This week, I answer a reader question: Is My Noncompete Enforceable If I'm Fired Without Cause? Read my answer on AOL Jobs here.

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