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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Does My Employer Have To Pay Earned Sick And Vacation Time When I Leave?

An AOL Jobs reader asked:
Donna I have a question please. I recently found out about a change in the retirement pay out rule at the hospital where I have worked for over twenty years. I have worked all these years under the rule that when I retire I would be paid for all my saved PTO hours as well as half of the ESL hours I have accumulated which in my case is half of 520 hours. Now it seems that around three years ago they decided they would not pay out for the ESL hours. In other words, we just lose that time. I can understand if they change that rule but shouldn't that just affect people hired after the change date? This is a huge number of pay hours for a hospital if 3000 employees and just for me it will be a very big loss when I retire.

Can they legally do this?

Thank You
There are no federal laws requiring sick or vacation time, so the answer to this question will (mostly) depend on your state law. I discuss what you need to know about your earned sick and vacation pay in my AOL Jobs column here.

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