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Friday, June 30, 2017

Access The Ex-Boss's Email? Better Like Wearing Orange

In yet another example of the criminalization of employment law, a Tesla engineer was just convicted and placed on probation for accessing his ex-boss's email. On top of 5 years of probation, he has to provide restitution to the company, which claims it was damaged when he posted confidential information online.

The charges were two felonies and one misdemeanor that could have resulted in 6 years of prison time.

Bottom line is that there are some harsh laws that prohibit you from accessing any emails or computer information you aren't allowed to access. Once you're fired, you can't access anything with company passwords even if they don't change them or discontinue your access right away.

Even if you still work there, if you access something with someone else's password or that you know you aren't allowed to access, you could be committing a crime.

Expect the courts to continue to come down hard and harder on employees as we get more and more Trump appointees on the bench. Be careful out there.

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