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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Don't Expect Noncompete Relief Until Next Year Says FTC

 Although we've been hoping that the FTC would come through on its proposed rule banning or limiting noncompete agreements, it looks like we'll have to wait. They've announced they won't be voting on the final rule until April 2024. 

That's bad news for workers. Noncompetes have been abused to suppress wages, prevent employees from looking for better jobs, create fear among employees that they will be terminated and unable to work, and force employees to work in terrible conditions. They've been used against sandwich makers and receptionists. 

That doesn't mean you have no remedies. Depending on your state law, there are defenses to noncompete agreements.

While Florida is one of the most anti-employee states in the nation, both federal and Florida antitrust law require that employers have a legitimate interest other than preventing competition in order to enforce a noncompete agreement. Absent a legitimate interest, the agreement violates antitrust laws. Some other states have additional defenses to enforcement.

When in doubt about your noncompete agreement, get some advice from an employee-side employment lawyer in your state.

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